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Our office

The organisation was founded in November 2011. Currently the company has a BEE rating of Level 1 with a black woman ownership of 70% and black management of 100%. The company enjoys a wide range of expertise and over 60 years of combined experience.


To be one of the leading businesses in and around South Africa and to create a leader in lifelong business to employee and business-to-business relationships.


We will realise our vision through:
  • Employing junior to senior staff with the ability to grow themselves through learning.
  • To be at the forefront in technology as a forward thinking business.
  • Conducting our business in a mature manner.
  • To establish a family between clients and employees; and each other


The following values are core to CircTech:
  • Respectfulness - Respect our clients and each other
  • Passionate - Be passionate about what we do in the business which will improve our standing within the business sphere
  • Ethics - Our ethical conduct is the face of the business and we seek to set an example to our clients and prospective employees
  • High Quality - What we do is reflected in our solutions and the manner in which we persue perfection.
  • Reliability - To count on one another on a daily basis; our employees and managers are of one body in respect to growing the business

Our Services

We follow a strict set of rules, repsectfulness, being passionate, be ethical, produce high quality, and being reliable

IT Consulting

A well informed team of professional IT individuals with extensive are available.


Erection of new buildings. Alterations of existing structures and more.

Civil Works

Do you have the need for any civil works on a private or public level?

Event Management

From private parties to yearly corporate functions. We do it all. Make sure to contact us ASAP.

Digitising Manaual Processes

A highly motivated team of professionals are at you call to turn those long and frustating processes into digital solutions.

Project Management

A project cannot run on its own. Our project managers are well equipt with the skills and experiences to bring your projects to a successful conclusion.

HAS Consultants

Whether building a bridge or cutting grass, we can produce health and safety standards for every occasion that needs a HAS file and oversee the process.

Dedicated support

For each of the services provided, our dedicated support staff are ready and able to help where you need it most.

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